Welcome to the

Unyte Group

The Unyte Group are passionate and committed to helping people and our planet live better‭.

Our fusion of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry‭; ‬including key industry leaders‭, ‬agronomists‭, farmers, ‬engineers‭, ‬designers and researchers‭, ‬Doctors, and pharmacists all play a key role across the Unyte Group in enabling our vision‭.

Unyte has a strong growth strategy of investing in its people‭, ‬infrastructure, and knowledge base‭. ‬Resulting‭ ‬in a quickly evolving global business that is currently poised to capitalise on the ever-changing position within the UK‭. ‬and‭ ‬EU‭. ‬markets‭.‬

uk industrial hemp

Unyte Hemp

Leaders in the Hemp industry UK

Hemp the solution

Unyte Hemp specialises and works at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp market in the UK.

Unyte Energy logo blue white

Unyte Energy

Leaders in the Hemp industry UK

Hemp the solution

Unyte Energy offers a range of energy-saving measures through the Energy Company Obligation framework, working closely with customers, clients, Local Authorities,  and our Energy Company partners to provide quality installations throughout the UK.

Unyte Waste logo

Unyte Waste

Consultancy and Specialist Contractor

Hemp the solution

We offer a wide range of services to the construction, waste, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

We take a different view on how to manage wastes, focusing on the resource value rather than a simple disposal route. 

medical cannabis

Unyte Medical

Leaders in the Hemp industry UK

Hemp the solution

We believe that natural, plant-based medicines are the future. We are focused on research and development to enable an improved global supply chain. 

Our Mission & Values

Throughout the Unyte Group, we adhere to the highest standards and through effective regulation and improvement to health and the Environment 



Industry Experts

Our professional team of industry experts within our group of companies.


We want to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of hemp,  giving presentations at conferences, expos, and universities, Jamie is also one of the key advisers for the cannabis industry.


We follow all industry guidelines and work with various groups and associations to achieve this.