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: Unyte Capital Launch Into The UK Industrial Hemp Market


An ambitious plan in the beginning, now coming to fruition.

Warrington, June 21st, 2019 — Unyte Capital Ltd, the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis leaders, announced today the official launch of its group of 6 Hemp based business. Each forming a critical part into what’s billed to become the ‘market leader’ in the UK and European Industrial Hemp and Cannabis market.

With careful consideration of the Canadian and American markets. Over the last 16 months Unyte Capital drew up their complex business plan to work within every level of the Global Hemp industry.

Group CEO, Garry Stevens Smith says; ‘Finally we can now talk freely to everyone about what and how we are to impact this embryonic market. We didn’t just see ourselves as a CBD business and with first mover advantage at this level we see ourselves as pioneers in the UK market especially in helping to establish key uses for Industrial hemp’. 

Over the past 12 months the business have been positioning major corner posts with each business creation. The Group now consists of;

Unyte Hemp  – Aiming to grow the UK Hemp market supply chain.
Unyte Health – Holistic Health products and CBD specialist.
Unyte Medical – Concentrating on Medical arena.
Unyte Energy – Energy Company Obligation and Energy related products.
Unyte Waste – Waste Recovery Solutions and Contaminated land.
Unyte Invest – Finance Broker & acquisition vehicle to grow the Group and the entire supply chain.

2019 is a Foundation year for the group but as each division comes online over the coming months, the groups entire plan falls into place by Christmas 2019. The symbiotic nature of each Unyte business make this such a powerful proposition to this new market. This in turn offers to the market an unrivalled turn-key solution completely covering the entire Hemp and Cannabis markets..

With offices in Warrington and Leicestershire already established and shortly to follow Market Harborough, North Wales, and Scotland. The group will be on hand at a national level.

Unyte’s USP encompasses helping people, empowering the market along with processing and manufacturing facilities. Then taking the raw product directly into end uses, where viable bypassing the wholesale markets.

Operations Director Jamie Bartley commented ‘With the Home Office license finally in place this was our green light to commence this year’s cultivation. We drilled over 233 million seeds in our inaugural Industrial Hemp grow at the groups National Cultivation Centre in Leicestershire. It’s exciting to start to see this all come to fruition after so much planning, congratulations to everyone involved’.

The group are also working with 5 top UK University’s covering; soil regeneration, bio composites, bio polymers and other Hemp product research programmes. They will be aiming to combine this year’s data into a multi-year study. The first of it’s type in the UK at such a scale which will be used to launch the groups ‘National Hemp Education Programme’ in August. This data will allow for the maximisation of value from the whole plant which in turn will allow for a much needed revenue streams to the agricultural sector.

The story continues to unfold throughout 2019. For more information visit or contact; Jamie Bartley at