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Strategically positioned to become leaders in the UK Industrial Hemp market.

Unyte is working within every level of the global hemp and cannabis industry‭, ‬we are passionate and committed to help people and our planet live better‭. ‬Our fusion of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry‭; ‬including key industry leaders‭, ‬agronomists‭, farmers, ‬engineers‭, ‬designers and researchers‭, ‬Doctors and pharmacists all play a key role across the Unyte Group in enabling our vision‭.‬

Unyte is well funded and has a strong growth strategy of investment in its people‭, ‬infrastructure and knowledge base‭. ‬Resulting‭ ‬in a quickly evolving global business which is currently poised to capitalise on the ever-changing position within the U.K‭. ‬and‭ ‬E.U‭. ‬markets‭.‬

Unyte CapitalVisit Unyte Capital

The Collective Face Of The Unyte Group.

A central point of collaboration for all Unyte businesses and divisions to collectively strategize and develop the UK Hemp market. Touching on all areas of the wider industry and attempting to position Unyte as market leaders.

Over the coming months we’ll be unveiling more of our plans. For now, please browse our group businesses.

Unyte EnergyVisit Unyte Energy

Rewarding Energy Efficiency

Unyte Energy provide an integral link to the energy markets working with key installers as a Managing Agent in the ECO3 market. We are also focussed on developing a range of natural, carbon positive Hemp based products integrated into the commercial and residential markets whilst researching breakthrough technology for the energy market.

Unyte HealthVisit Unyte Health

Putting You & Your Wellbeing First

Unyte Health supply a carefully selected range of high quality and innovative food supplements, CBD specials and health products to holistically support your health and wellbeing. We support, inform and educate, helping you to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Website coming soon.

Unyte HempVisit Unyte Hemp

Growing & Building The UK Hemp Market

Unyte Hemp specialise in growing and building the entire UK Industrial Hemp supply chain. ‘The Hemp Exchange’ provides a turnkey solution throughout the UK from cultivation to processing through to product end use. We are positioned to become the number one ‘go to’ business for everything Hemp!

Unyte InvestVisit Unyte Invest

Nurturing From Concept To Success

Unyte Invest is the investment arm of the Unyte Group. With a range of bespoke funders we fund a wide range of projects including but not limited to: business purchases, cash flow finance, asset finance, property finance, vehicle finance, agricultural finance, research & development projects, a new product concept or even a ‘start-up’ business.

Unyte MedicalVisit Unyte Medical

Holistic Cannabis Health Solutions

Unyte Medical has been created in response to the changes in legislation (1st Nov 2018) for cannabis-based medicines. We believe that natural, plant-based medicines is the future and so we are positioning ourselves to support the research, development and supply chain within this exciting arena.

Unyte WasteVisit Unyte Waste

Bespoke Recovery Solutions.

Unyte Waste are specialists in reclaiming contaminated land with sustainable management and recovery of waste streams. Through our team of consultants and contractors we deliver efficient, compliant and cost saving solutions to the construction and industrial sectors in the UK. Everything is a resource not a waste if managed correctly.

Our proactive, forward-thinking approach resonates throughout our organisation. We have the vision and aspiration to be at the centre of the entire UK and European Hemp industry.

The Hemp business is unique due to the plant’s incredible versatility. It’s continuing to go through incredible changes worldwide as we have seen in Canada and the US, which in turn is creating huge opportunities.

This doesn’t come without risk. The more embryonic the industry, the greater the risk until the market levels and people clearly see ‘less risky’ routes to market.

For the brave early movers, rewards can be significant.
Unyte are pioneering the UK market for many reasons and as 2019 develops, more of our plans will be disclosed.

We will invigorate the entire industry by ensuring that all parts of the value chain are securely linked, oiled and able to work in synergy.

Along the way, we will be actively partnering with and purchasing businesses throughout the entire supply chain in the UK and Europe to secure our own business model whilst ensuring the Hemp we grow, via The Hemp Exchange, always has a secure end use.

By empowering you, incorporating you; your idea’s, your time, your knowledge or entire business, we are creating the new Hemp revolution!

Unyte Hemp - Our First Season

Unyte Hemp have grown 240 acres of Industrial Hemp at their National Cultivation Centre in Leicestershire in the largest UK Hemp growing trials ever. This video shows this versatile crop from sowing to harvesting, all of which happens in as little as 4 months absorbing 2200 tonnes of CO2 as it grows. We won’t be extracting CBD or cannabidiol from this year’s crop but we hope to have a nice yield of hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder.