Welcome to The Unyte Group

Passionate and committed to helping people and our planet


Introduction to the Unyte Group 

Our fusion of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry‭; ‬including key industry leaders‭, ‬agronomists‭, farmers, ‬engineers‭, ‬designers and researchers‭, ‬Doctors, and pharmacists all play a key role across the Unyte Group in enabling our vision‭.

Unyte has a strong growth strategy of investing in its people‭, ‬infrastructure, and knowledge base‭. ‬Resulting‭ ‬in a quickly evolving global business that is currently poised to capitalise on the ever-changing position within the UK‭. ‬and‭ ‬EU‭. ‬markets‭.‬

An Overview of the Unyte Group

Training the workforce of tomorrow

Skills to upskill Staff

We specialise in training the workforce to administer, manage, assess and install energy-saving products and renewable technologies in domestic and commercial buildings.

Energy saving measures

Energy Company Obligation framework

Unyte Energy offers a range of energy-saving measures through the Energy Company Obligation framework, working closely with customers, clients, Local Authorities.

Unyte Waste logo

Consultancy & Specialist Contractor

Managing waste in a different way

We offer a range of services in the construction and waste sectors. Taking a different view on how to manage waste, focusing on the resource value rather than a simple disposal route. 

Unyte Hemp

Hemp the Solution

UK Industrial Hemp Market

Unyte Hemp specialises and works at every level throughout the industrial Hemp Market in the UK.

Natural plant based medicines

Research and Development

We believe that natural, plant-based medicines are the future. We are focused on research and development to enable an improved global supply chain. 

Who We Work With

Unyte Academy